In 1947, three Pritchard brothers (J.T., Roy, and J.B--pictured above) started a business that combined their love for repairing cars with their need for cash. 


Our mission today

The legacy of loving to repair cars and needing cash continues, but our ultimate goal is to get people and their cars back on the road quickly and at a fair and reasonable price. So, when getting from Point A to Point B requires a detour for a radiator or heater repair, we want to be your choice for a quick remedy.   



Greg Butler, shop manager, tinkered with anything needing fixing from a young age. In 1980, when he was still a teenager, he began working at the radiator shop. Roy and J.T. Pritchard mentored him into a skillful mechanic with an impeccable work ethic. A true testimony to his love for the craft of fixing things, Greg has been manager and do-it-all guy of the shop for the past 20 of his 37 years of service. He cares about cars and people and treats them both with a commitment to excellence.

Carmon Keith, owner, loved going with her dad, Roy Pritchard, to the radiator shop as a child. He even let her help with some of the repair work, but most of the time, she just watched TV in the office or played in the cemetery across the street. Before he died in 1998, Roy gave Carmon the radiator shop with the instructions to "not run it in the ground." Almost 20 years later, the shop is still going strong. Though she is not involved in the day-to-day management of the shop (it's not her "day job"), Carmon oversees all the bookkeeping, compliance records, and advertising/promotion, but mostly she makes sure Greg has what he needs to make the shop run smoothly.